Dewi de Vree i.s.m. Rachida Ziani (Elektrolab)

Thermokoppel, 2010
KABK Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag

'A performance by Dewi de Vree & Rachida Ziani

Thermokoppel is a live-sound performance which deals with the relation between temperature and the acoustic properties of metal.

Instead of approaching music instruments in a classical way, Dewi and Rachida work the material for its physical properties.The heating up and cooling down of the elemens will cause the metal to expand.This phenomenon will be used in order to create sound.

After Elektrolab, developed in the context of Rachida Ziani’s graduation, in 2009, Thermokoppel inaugurates their second collaboration.

This work has been officially presented in june 2010 in the Hague, at KABK in the context of Dewi de Vree’s graduation.'