Ginta Tinte Vasermane

Incorporating spaces into public places, 2010
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

'Video installation made for graduation exhibition at Gerrit Rietveld Academy, 7-11.07, 2010.

The Work consists of 8 performances shown in videos, resulting in a multilayered installation, emphasizing on the texture of the media and its possibilities.
All 8 videos has been shown on 8 different video sources and displayed on a sculptural/architectural walls/structures created specifically to accompany each piece. All pieces are separate work, but have to been seen with other pieces together.

Pieces are non-narrative videos, consisting of composed/choreographed performative scenes, which explores/examines relationship between body, space, architecture and their limits/stretchiness. Play around certain patterns of human behaviors in public places/endless loop of it/rutting/motion of it.
The roll of architecture, the use of it. Architectonic space with roof/walls, rules/roles.
Architecture told to be all about restraints and contingencies, like any other arts and techniques. How to extend and create your own space, keep your own place.
How to Play with the space and create your own free rules within retrains of the given ones.

'I don't see space as an external cover. I experience it from the inside, I'm surrounded by it. After all, world is around me, not in front of me '
- Merlau-Ponty

Behaviors have been deconstructed through choreographs, made specifically for each architectonic place in poetic way. Movements was composed in certain rhythm and became irrational and possible at the same time. For every video I use existing sounds from the specific location. The camera feels non-present, static. All video pieces are endless loop without starting or ending point. The work is shown in an architectural surrounding and the viewer becomes the editor and composes his own movement/sight through the videos.

year: 2010
location: Gerrit Rietveld Academy
medium: video installation
duration: all videos looped
amount: 8 video sources (3 beamers 3 flats screens 2 old Tv's), 3 sound sources
original video format: HD
materials: 2 walls, 2 headphones,1 chair, curtains
performers : dancers from SNDO and non professionals
from 30 filmed videos I selected 8 videos wich specificly fit in the space of Gerrit Rietveld Academy.'

supported by Berlage fonds