Video Guerrilha Festival General Concept

The city social and architectural environments incorporates multiple and sophisticated perceptions of time and space where historical narratives collide with contemporary social urbanism, and in which constant cultural and identity mutations are a valuable source of artistic inspiration, intervention and rebellion against the established political order.

Video Guerrilha, is a unique international urban art festival; that plans to travel the most important capitals of the world, promoting artistic, cultural and professional exchange among visual and media artists from different regions and countries. The main focus of Video Guerrilha is to give visibility to artists’ work and generate a dialogue and exchange between different visual languages, techniques and experiences related to media art, urban art and similar trends.

Video Guerrilha has been designed by Visualfarm, Brazilian pioneer creative collective specialised in the creation and development of innovative visual solution for artistic and commercial events. Video Guerrilha is primarily aimed at large building projections using complex audiovisual technology delivered by 15 large projectors and a team of 12 people.

This is one of the most significant public art event in Brazil. This new urban art festival format goes beyond conventional cultural events, taking over public space, facades, street walls and historical buildings; where collective audiovisual experience find a balance between big audiences and the production of creative meaning.



Video Guerrilha - Goals

-To present ‘Rua Augusta’ as a great node for urban art and culture in the city of Sao Paulo;

- To promote art as an inherent element of the city, as an accessible alternative to art galleries and museums;

- To transform ‘Rua Augusta’ and the surroundings in an open-air galley space;

-To foster public activities and debates relates to street art, urban culture and social ecology;

- To unify all economic agents and different cultures in the same event and give visibility to different artists;

- To support the construction and preservation of the future ‘Augusta-Cerqueira Cesar’ park;

- To create the first digital cultural fringe.


Video Guerrilha - Audience

The festival gathered a large public audience of around 90.000 people on 3 nights .
The average was between 18 and 35 years old, mainly educated and with an interested in culture and new technologies.



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