TIME FRAME contribution

Following up the conceptual line of TIME_ FRAME 2010 and ‘the Media City’ Workshop held in Amsterdam in March 2010, the VJ and director of Visualfram Alexis Anastasiou (participant of the Media City) wanted to invite TIME_FRAME to participate in the Video Guerrilha project in São Paulo 11-13 November 2010.

TIME_FRAME contributed to the festival with a visual art program delivered by 3 international artists who showcased new artistic concepts on the facades arranged by Visualfarm in Rua Augusta, one of the main streets of the city of São Paulo.

Participating artists are:
Eavan Aiken (IE/NL), visual artist, VJ and teacher
Rosa Menkman (NL), visual artist and researcher
with the special collaboration of César Meneghetti (BR/IT), visual artist and filmmaker.

Miguel Petchovsky (AN/NL), TIME_FRAME - curator.
Elena Pérez Hernández (ES/NL), TIME_FRAME - coordination and



- Brazilian contribution

Visualfarm (BR)
Promoter and organizer of ‘Video Guerrilha’ festival. Visualfarm is a renowned company and creative collective dedicated to the creation and development of innovative visual solutions for different types of events and spectacles. It is also a multidisciplinary group of artists, designers, Vjs, 3D animators and technical engineers that has been collaborating for some years now. Visualfarm is a pioneer in the development of the latest projection techniques in Brazil: oVJing, mapped mega-projection, light painting, virtual graffiti and mobile projections. Visualfarm has more than 1000 installation and Vj’s presentations in its portfolio, across 16 Brazilian states and 6 countries of America and Europe.

Alexis Anastasiou (BR)
Creative director of Visualfarm, pioneer VJ in Brazil and one of the main Brazilian artists involved in urban intervention and large scale urban projections.

- Dutch contribution

TIME_FRAME staff:|

Miguel Petchovsky (AN/NL)
Angolan, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Visual artist, curator and cultural activist. His activity stands between his own creation and his rol as a cultural agent promoting emergent artists. As a curator, his focus us on video art, media art and public space interventions. This has taken him to lead workshops such as Lusovideografias, en Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As an artist he has taken part in exhibitions such as Africa Remix, de Ida y Vuelta, Às Portas do Mundo o Perspectives. His works is influenced by his identity as an african of the Diaspora, from where he reflects about issues of identity, Africa, memory, modernity or situation of disparity that occidental countries produce in Africa.

Elena Pérez Hernández (ES/NL)
Spanish, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Elena Pérez is an international cultural manager that works at the intersection of art, media, design and society. She holds a Master in Media Studies by Complutense University of Madrid, and a MBA in Internacional Arts Managament by Universität Salzburg in collaboration with Columbia Chicago and Fudan Shanghai University. Elena has been involved in the curation and production of several exhibitions, conferences, workshops and other events that fall in the territories of new media such as ‘Positions in Flux’ (2009) conference and the exhibition ‘Wearable Technology - Powered Art And Fashion Design’ (2009), in Amsterdam. Currently, she is coordinating the platform 'TIME_FRAME', initiated by the Netherlands Media Art Institute, which supports the production of art in the context of Euro-Afro-American collaborations. Her interests lie in literature, design, digital culture, street art, urbanism, international cultural cooperation and cultural policy.

Guest’s artists:

Eavan Aiken / Roborant (IE/NL)

URL: http://www.eavan.hybridvisuals.nl/

Irish, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Under the moniker Roborant, Eavan performs at festivals and selected club nights. Having found the laptop a restrictive performance interface she looked for other human machine interfaces. Coming across Alchemy, a free and open source drawing application, she found keyboard liberation and rediscovered her love of drawing. The freedom to create both audio reactive and human controlled abstract gestures creates a performance that is completely of the moment.
Performances range from A Event [NL], IChiOne [NL], Glastonbury Festival 2009 [GB], Síbín Festival 2009[IE], VJ Fest Istanbul 2010 [TUR], Visual Berlin 2010 [DE], Festival a/d Werf 2010[NL], NIMk: The Media City & The Bodily Turn 2010 [NL], Amsterdamse Cello Biennale fundraiser 2010[NL] Elevator Passion Interactive micro festival, Urban Arts Festival Amsterdam 2010.

Rosa Menkman (NL)

URL: http://aboutrosamenkman.blogspot.com

Dutch, lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Rosa Menkman is a freelance performer, PhD researcher at KHM Cologne, video editor and photographer. She holds a Master of Arts (media art) and a Research Master of Arts (media studies) from the University of Amsterdam.
Every technology possesses its own inherent accidents. Rosa Menkman is a Dutch visualist who focuses on visual artifacts created by accidents in digital media. The visuals she makes are the result of glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Rosa emphasizes their positive consequences. By combining both her practical as well as her academic background, she merges her abstract pieces within a grand theory artifacts (a glitch studies). Besides the creation of a formal "Vernacular of File Formats", within her static work, she also creates (narrative) work in her Acousmatic Videoscapes. In these Videoscapes she strives for new forms of conceptual synthesis (synesthesia) of sound and video artifacts.

With the special collaboration of the artist
Cesar Meneghetti (BR/IT)

Brazilian, lives and works in Rome and São Paulo. Degree in Visual Communication in Brazil 1986, Mixed Medias at City of London Polytechnic 1990 and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Cinecittà, Rome 1993. Artist and film-maker his work is centred on social issues, migration and the concept of borders, political, social and individual edges, the interaction with people and media between the North and South hemisphere. He uses the cinema medium as well as film, video, photography, painting and installation in art to give images a new approach to the world. Through the mix of various technical supports he uses these electronic/digital instruments to extract and isolate frames of reality and re- elaborate them in a new context. He has shown his artwork in more than 39 countries around the world and has made about 60 films and videos including 2 feature films, 5 documentaries, 53 short films and experimental videos. In the last 20 years he had received over 60 awards, prizes and scholarships for his work.