Collectie tour Versions


Als illustratie bij de tentoonstelling 'Versions' hebben vier van de deelnemende kunstenaars een selectie gemaakt van werk uit de collectie van het NIMk.
Hun selectie is een commentaar of reflectie op hun eigen kunstpraktijk, op de tentoonstelling zelf, of vormt soms zelfs de aanleiding voor een nieuwe artistieke commentaar of interventie.

Harm van den Dorpel

Jaap Drupsteen
: Hyster Pulsatu (NL, 1984, 20'00'')

Hyster Pulsatu (Drupsteen, Jaap) online database

Marina Abramovic: The Hero (NL, 2001, 14'19”)
link to catalogue

Nan Hoover: Flora (NL, 1986, 6'30”)

Flora (Hoover, Nan) online database

eddie d: The First, The Second, The End (NL, 1992, 3'08'')

The First, The Second, The End (d, eddie) online database

Driessens & Verstappen: E-volved Cultures XXWide (NL, 2007, installation)
link to catalogue

The works presented here all have a different 'shelf life'. Some have become obsolete quite quickly because of the specific technology used (Jaap Drupsteen), some have a retro feeling to them, and some are timeless (Marina Abramovic). Will Van den Dorpels' (and the other artists') works still be relevant within 20 years? And, is this at all a relevant question?

Constant Dullaart

Guido van der Werve: Nummer zeven (The clouds are more beautiful from above) (NL, 2006, 8'49”)
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What if the rocket would actually take off?

Martijn Hendriks

Sebastian Diaz Morales: Lucharemos hasta anular la ley (AR, 2004, 10'00”)

Lucharemos hasta anular la ley (Diaz Morales, Sebastian) online database

Lucharemos hasta anular la ley relates in different ways to both Hendriks' own work and the 'Versions' exhibition. It is similarly built up from found material and employs a relatively empty, superficial and even unproductive manipulation process. However this manipulation and reduced formal language establishes a strong relationship with the found material.


Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas: The Soup is Delicious (NL, 1977, 8'52”)
link to catalogue

JODI has chosen the work The Soup is Delicious by Miguel-Ángel Cárdenas. It is a video work with a (very literal ;-) ) double layer, similar to the underlying code which is present in digital media. This second layer – which in a web browser can be viewed together with the image (View Source) – is a very important issue and topic in JODI's own work.

Commenting upon The Soup is Delicious, is a web address and the title of a performance which JODI did together with Dennis de Bel during the opening of the 2008 exhibition in Dordrecht. The link collection contains a selection of 'empty' web domains, which are bought by domain name brokers and speculators. During the opening, the artists made soup from books about new media, seasoned with technical manuals. It was delicious.