The Poetics of Space: a NIMk Selection Tour

Selected works from the NIMk collection relating to the Sonic Acts 2010 theme The Poetics of Space, from classics to new work by Mark Bain, Bernard Gigounon, Steina Vasulka, Kurt D'Haeseleer, Thomas Mohr, Semiconductor and Anouk de Clercq.

Curator: Martijn van Boven

Bain, Mark - Electrophase (1995, 4'40'')

Electrophase (Bain, Mark) online database

Gigounon, Bernard - Starship (2002, 6'00'')

Starship (Gigounon, Bernard) online database

Steina - Somersault (part of Summer Salt) (1982, Sculpture 5'30'')

Somersault (part of Summer Salt) (Steina) online database

D'Haeseleer, Kurt - Archaic Smile (2008, 19'05'')

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Mohr, Thomas
- Three Blueprints (Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta) (2008, 3'26'')

Three Blueprints (Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta) (Mohr, Thomas) online database

- Time Out of Place (2008, 9'35'')

Time Out of Place (Semiconductor) online database

Anouk de Clercq - Oops Wrong Planet (2009, 8')