TIME FRAME - Reconnaissance Trips

TIME FRAME has traveled already to Latin America and Africa in order to identify possibilities of collaboration with artists, curators and art institutions within the context of the project.

The experience proved to be not only nourishing and inspiring, but also fruitful and promising in terms of creating synergies and cooperation.

More detailed information can be found here (pdf file)



Following is a brief itinerary of our journeys. Interviews and presentations have been organised at each location with the artists and organisations mentioned below.

Reconnaissance trip to Latin America: Peru and Brazil
Period: 5 till 21 August (Miguel en Heiner)

Lima - Peru

. José Carlos Mariategui, Jorge Villacorta, ATA / Escuelab

Peru: interviews with 17 artists

São Paulo
- Brazil
. Ana Pato, Video Brazil
. Paula Persinotto, Ricardo Almeida, FILE
. Roberto Moreira da Cruz, ITAÚ Cultural
. Angela Santos, Marcelo Bresanin, Daniela Bousso MIS
. Alexis Anastasiu, VISUAL FARM, ( artists collective)

Belo Horizonte
- Brazil
. Pedro Melo, Oi Futuro

Salvador de Bahia
- Brazil
. Stella Carrozzo, Museum of Modern Art (MAM)
. Solange Farkas, director Museum of Modern Art (MAM)
. Project Kabum, Oi Futuro
-Official presentation of NIMk and TIME_FRAME in MAM
Public: 60 art professionals

Rio de Janeiro
- Brazil
. Maria Arlete, Alberto Saraiva, Oi Futuro
. Mauro Espínola, Durex Contemporary
. Heloisa Alves, art producer ARCO

Brasil: interviews met 28 kunstenaars

Reconnaissance trip to Africa: Kenya, South Africa and Mozambique

- Kenya
Kuona Centre, Joy Mboya, Jimmy Ogonga, Gonda Geests, African Coulours website

Cape Town
- South Africa
Cape Platform, Biennial 2010 Cape Town, Mirjam Azmal- Dik
Goodman Gallery Cape, Storm van Resnesberg
Centre for African Cities , Edgar Pieterse
Artists : Berni Searle, Minette Vari, Gabi N’Gcobo, Tracy Rose, Kathryn Smith, Gregg Smith, Dineo Bopape, Thando Mama, Rick Sitas

- South Africa
The Trinity Session, Marcus Neustetter / Stephen Hobbs
The WITS fine art Department, Jeremy Wafer
Artists: Rodney Place, William Kentridge, Robin Rode, Pat Muatola, Setephen Hobbs, Marcus Neusteter, Dean Haening, Zen Marie

- South Africa
The Pulse project / KO Video festival. Greg Streak
The BAT Centre, The NSA Art Gallery
Artists: Beki Khambule. Michael Croeser, Paul Emmanuel, Fiona Kirkwood, Grace Kotze, Michael Macgarry, Neo Ntcoma, Doung Hangher, Andries Botha


The MUVEART contemporary project, Jorge Dias/ Alberto Gemuce
Artists: Berry Bikle, Gonçalo Mabunda, Titos Mabota, Jorge Dias, Miguel Prista, João Petit Graça, Mauro Pinto.