Presentation: TIME FRAME 2009 - 2012

TIME FRAME, an initiative by Netherlands Media Art Institute and Miguel Petchovsky

The Media and People
Europe Africa Latin America
Video & Media Art / Free practices

investigates the intersection of media, technology, art and society in the current contemporary art practices in Africa and Latin America. This project stands as a PLATFORM that stimulates and promotes sustainable media art training, discussion, production and the transit of new artwork in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

is articulated on a three-year structural base, it involves a meaningful research in Latin America and Africa in 2009; the subsequent implementation of workshops, and the official presentation of artwork through exhibitions, festivals and biennales during 2010-2012; and the realization of a large-scale international exhibition in 2012.

‘Facing cultural differences
                                         should help to find inner sensibilities’

The main focus of TIME FRAME is creating the right conditions and infrastructures for sustainable video / media art education and production in developing countries from Africa and Latin America.

There is also a preoccupation for the presentation and transit of the artworks produced during the workshops or discovered through reasearch. Since being part of this project means being part of an active international network, artworks will tour through international art platforms such as festivals, galleries, museum and biennales along the three continents involved.

The core of the program consists of a number of encounters that will take place in different locations between 2010 and 2012: Netherlands, Africa and Latin America. Every encounter consists of lectures, screenings, art’s residencies, exhibitions, festivals and/or hands-on seminars.

We are currently in conversation with different countries in order to identify definitive locations, among them:

- In Africa:
Cameroon, Senegal, Morocco, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.

- In Latin America:
Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

You can download the program here  (pdf file, 137.01 KB)