GAMA will establish a central platform to enable multilingual, facilitated and user-orientated access to a significant number of media art archives and their digitalized content. The consortium comprises of a majority of the most important digital content holders for media art in Europe. GAMA hopefully will quickly develop to be the European central online interface and search portal for any person interested in media art. The consortium includes highly qualified technical partners with vast expertise in the field of digital media art archives. Most prominent amongst them are members of the Culture2000 project OASIS.

The project GAMA focusses on access to media art archives. The goal of this project is to develepe an archiving platform which links the media art databases of several institutes and collections. This system should function as an interface between diverse structured databases and storing systems of the participants and as a web portal for contextualisation. The GAMA portal will offer information and curatorial tools for various artistic and cultural content and operations.

eContentplus is a market oriented programme which aims to support the production, use and distribution of European digital content and to promote linguistic and cultural diversity on the global networks. To make digital content in Europe more accessible, usable and exploitable. The programme aims at facilitating access to digital content, its use and exploitation, enhancing quality of content with well-defined metadata, and reinforcing cooperation between digital content stakeholders. The Netherlands Media Art Institute in Amsterdam is a foundator member of the GAMA project.

For more information have a look at  GAMA GATEWAY