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Artist in Residence programme's delivered at the in NIMk:

 New artist in residence Duncan Speakman and Emilie Grenier
In collaboration with NIMk, Kitchen Budapest and 5daysoff festival, the Pervasive Media Studio is pleased to announce the recipients of an exciting cross-European residency programme. Over the next four months, Duncan Speakman and Emilie Grenier will spend supported time at each lab, to develop a new sonic artwork that will use mobile technologies to connect strangers in a fascinating experience. read more »
Doublethink Investments
Artist in Residence project by the artist collective UBERMORGEN.COM and Barak Arikan read more »
Doublethink Investments
Artist in Residence project by the artist collective UBERMORGEN.COM and Barak Arikan read more »
 Naked on Pluto
Artist in Residency from June until November 2010 by Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk with the project Naked on Pluto read more »
 Sonia Cilliari, Sensitive to Pleasure
Sensitive to Pleasure is a work about conflict, an intimate piece in which the artist emphasizes her controversial relationship with her own work in front of the public. read more »
 Knowbotic Research, Hawara checkpoint.exe
Within NIMk's artists in residence program Knowbotic Research pursues the development of Hawara Checkpoint.exe, a project that invenstigates the presence of media images within actual events read more »
 Esther Polak, Nomadic MILK
NomadicMILK project by GPS artist Esther Polak. read more »
 Linda Hilfling Gate peepin
In her residency at NIMk, Danish artist Linda Hilfling produced the artistic tool Gate peepin', which renders the invisible regulations and means of control of Terms of Service in Web 2.0 social platforms into shadows within the user generated content. read more »
 Lilia Perez Romero Frontera v.2
With Frontera v.2 visitors could play with their own portraits. This interactive installation consisted of two main components: a video booth and a playback screen. read more »
 Marnix de Nijs Exploded Views
Exploded Views is an interactive installation whereby three participants run on individual conveyor belts and physically move themselves through an interactive audio-environment and interactive imagery projected at the front of the belts. read more »
 Yolande Harris Sun Run Sun
Sun Run Sun explores the individual experience of current location technologies through a personal experience of sound. read more »
 Aymeric Mansoux en Marloes de Valk pond
Part of the 'Metabiosis' project, Marloes De Valk (NL) and Aymeric Mansoux (FR) investigated to what extent information can develop in a network of computers linked with each other and how it is possible for an audience to interact with it. read more »
 Chris Ziegler, Double Skin / Double Mind
The installation offers participants the possibility of taking part in a virtual version of the workshop in real time, while receiving verbal, physical and peripheral information. read more »
 Rob Davis & Usman Haque, Evolving Sonic Environment
Evolving Sonic Environment is a part of the exhibition "(in)visible sounds", a show in which artists focus on the invisible technologies that are increasingly crowding into our daily lives. read more », A Thousand Dinners A Night: Amongst the Issue Celebrities
The research network group worked at the Netherlands Media Art Institute as temporary artists in residence. During their days at the institute they investigated fluctuating alliances between political issues and celebrity endorsements. read more »
Daan Roosegaarde, Duin 4.0
The artwork Duin 4.0 is an investigation into a new form of nature in 21st century urban space. read more »
 Sonia Cillari, Se Mi Sei Vicino
Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me) is a participants responsive environment exploring the topic "Body as Interface". read more »
 Blender, Elephants Dream
The film tells the story of Emo and Proog, two people with different visions of the surreal world in which they live. read more »
 Jaromil, IvySync
The development of the digital video Syncstarter was completed in 2005. The Open Source software which came from it, IvySync, has captured the attention of both the artistic and scientific communities. read more »
 Peter Frucht, Stay Tuned
With his Artist in Residence project Stay Tuned, Péter Frucht presents the content of the news broadcast in an unconventional manner. read more »
 Linda Wallace, Living Tomorrow
LivingTomorrow realises a territory of place and placelessness. read more »
 Simon Yuill spring alpha
spring_alpha is an Artist in Residence project using open source development as a means of critical-artistic exploration of issues related to software systems and social governance. read more »
 Jaromil, Syncstarter
Jaromil is very active in this Open Source movement and created for the Artist in Residence program a low cost streaming device, the syncstarter. read more »
 Playing Field
Playing Field is an international project in which artists and students do research and experiments with streaming media... read more »
 Kelli Dipple, mapping locations in time
Kelli Dipple developed open source software along side a site specific performance for the internet and linked venues. read more »
 Adam Hyde Honor Harger Frequency clock
The first Artist in Residence project of the Netherlands Media Art Institute, supports r a d i o q u a l i a in the further development of the Frequency Clock. read more »
 Stansfield/Hooykaas, Wishing Tree
Wishing Tree - an interactive internet-based work where visitors can foster the growth of the tree's foliage by making wishes. read more »