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Please note: the NIMk Artist in Residence Programme has been terminated per 1 January 2013.

The Artist in Residence (AiR) programme at the Netherlands Media Art Institute supports the exploration and development of new work in digital/interactive/network media and technology based arts practice. The residency provides time and resources to artists in a supportive environment to facilitate the creation of new work that is produced from an open source perspective. We encourage a cross disciplinary and experimental approach. This is a practice based residency designed to enable the development and completion of a new work. The Netherlands Media Art Institute offers an open environment with technical assistance and an active advisory board which will give feedback and support in technical, conceptual and presentation issues. There is access to studio and exhibition equipment, technical support from the Institute's staff and production help from interns. We expect the artist to have knowledge and insight in the technical realisation of the concept.

Previous Artist in residence:

 New Artist in residence projects Mobile Media Art
Vivo ARTE.MOV and NIMk are pleased to announce the results of the call for the two months artistic residency programme using a mobile platform. The selected projects for the residence in 2012 were: "Project Jandig" by Angelo Moscozo (aka VJ Pixel) and "The City Talks" by Sander Veenhof. The initiative is pioneering in using specially designed street vehicles equipped with features of digital media developed in the cities of Amsterdam and São Paulo. read more »

 City Velocities - Body Speeds
NIMk, Sonic Acts and STEIM are proud to announce the new joint Artist in Residence project City Velocities - Body Speed by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec. The installation will be presented as part of the Sonic Acts - Travelling Time exhibition at NIMk from Februari 23 - April 15, 2012. read more »

 New artist in residence Duncan Speakman and Emilie Grenier
In collaboration with NIMk, Kitchen Budapest and 5daysoff festival, the Pervasive Media Studio is pleased to announce the recipients of an exciting cross-European residency programme. Over the next four months, Duncan Speakman and Emilie Grenier will spend supported time at each lab, to develop a new sonic artwork that will use mobile technologies to connect strangers in a fascinating experience. read more »

 Naked on Pluto
Artist in Residency from June until November 2010 by Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk with the project Naked on Pluto read more »

 Sonia Cilliari, Sensitive to Pleasure
Sensitive to Pleasure is a work about conflict, an intimate piece in which the artist emphasizes her controversial relationship with her own work in front of the public. read more »

Doublethink Investments
Artist in Residence project by the artist collective UBERMORGEN.COM and Barak Arikan read more »