Please note: all NIMk Collection and Distribution activities have been terminated per 1 January 2013.

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To make a large audience acquainted with media art, The Netherlands Media Art Institute pursues an active distribution policy for videoworks and media installations. These are presented at national and international festivals, manifestations and exhibitions at various art institutions, and are shown for educational purposes. The videoworks and installations are documented in the on-line public catalogue. In the mediatheque all the videoworks from the collection can be viewed on viewing sets.

Tapes and DVDs
for exhibitions, screenings and educational use
Video works from the NIMk collection are available for rental on DVD (PAL), Betacam SP (PAL) or as HD video file. For all other formats (including NTSC) we charge additional production costs, determined by the length of the work.
Rentals must have a scheduled screening date. For screenings outside the Netherlands, orders have to be placed at least 3 weeks before the screening date.
Please read the rental conditions carefully to review procedures for tape formats, payment instructions, shipping, tape returns, terms, and image requests.

Basic screening rates

One screening € 50,- per title
Subsequent screening € 10,- per title

Online distribution
for educational use only
Video works from the NIMk collection are also available for rental online: the selected works are made available via the online catalogue of NIMk, in Quicktime format, for a restricted time period.
This is specifically intended for educational use by teachers, lecturers and students. For online educational use, lower rates apply. See the rental conditions for more information.

For exhibitions of installations rental prizes differ per work. For information on fees, equipment, set up conditions and shipment, please contact the distribution staff.

How can I order works from the collection?

1. First read the rental conditions carefully, in which you can find procedures about formats, payment, shipping/handling and tapes return, conditions and images requests.
2. Then also read the Copyright Agreement carefully.
3. An online order form is available.

 Rental Conditions
Rental conditions for video works and installations from the NIMk collection. read more »
  Copyright Agreement
Copyright Notice and License Agreement read more »

New videoworks

Artists are cordially invited to propose their works for distribution purposes. The distribution department at the Netherlands Media Art Institute pursues a non-individual promotional policy for media art, whereby videoworks and installations are presented to professional parties, institutes and relations. Submitted videoworks are viewed and selected by a special selection committee consisting of distribution and exhibition staff of the institute. Previews can be send in at any time, preferably on DVD and please add a cv and synopsis on paper.  Due to the large amount of submissions we cannot personally contact all applicants. Preview materials will not be returne unless otherwise agreed.