Please note: all NIMk Research activities have been terminated per 1 January 2013.

More information

The Artlab is the department within the Netherlands Media Art Institute that is responsible for research. Artlab supports research by artists into the use of new media within the visual arts. Here artists can experiment, make contact with one another, cooperate and create new work.

Through the Artist in Residence program artists are invited to submit project proposals in the field of streaming media, wireless and 3D applications. The Artist in Residence program is a structural part of the Institute.

In addition there is occasional research done into tools that can be of service in the process of presentation, production, post-production and distribution of streaming media. Moreover, since 1990 the possibilities for conserving video art and multimedia installations have been investigated. For the latter the Institute takes part in various Dutch and international collaborations.

As a research center, the Netherlands Media Art Institute focuses first on professional specialists, but students can also approach it with problems they may encounter. With the aid of the open source and open content principle, as much knowledge and expertise as possible is made available by the internet.