Doublethink Investments

Artist in residence juni-oktober 2010

DOUBLETHINK INVESTMENTS (DTI) is an investment fund and advisory service that leverages the intentional misdirections of industry analysts to the advantage of our clients. Utilizing our proprietary
Duplicity Detection Algorithm (DDA), we evaluate analyst calls on particular stocks based on the analyst's history in the industry and institutional associations, then compare them with real data on the company being commented upon. Coverage and calls with a higher than normal statistical probability for duplicity are then tagged for final analysis and evaluation. DOUBLETHINK creates wealth by issuing recommendations contrarian to those issued for purely manipulative purposes. Our industry sectors and expertise are currently limited to: technology, biotech, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, robotics, healthcare, renewable energy, agriculture, and consumer non-durables. DTI operates with minimal licensing and infrastructure in order to maximize on the potentials of distributed hardware and collective intelligence.

Credits: UBERMORGEN.COM, Burak Arikan