Workshops by Linda Hilfling 

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This workshop examines the performative gaps in between laws and their structure of participation in offline as well as online territories. A number of casestudies and artistic projects will serve as the starting point for a discussion of the different, yet interacting materialities of territorial information.
Physical spaces as well as information architectures are being explored: From the art of misspelling as an intervention into the corrective info regimes of search engines, to a house on wheels as a circumvention of building regulations or the extra-territorial paradox of virtual embassies. Following these examples, the participants are encouraged to work individually or in groups developing their own interventions or strategies for mapping out territorial in/-/formation.

Workshop programme:

11.00-13.00: Introduction
Casestudies and projects:
As a point of departure for the discussion, Linda will present different cases and projects that explore the greyzone of informational territoriality. In different ways each of the cases points out occurencies where the territorial structures breaks or where their incompleteness are being revealed.
13.00-14.00: Lunch break
14.00-14.30: A discussion of the mornings presentation. Subjects of interest are being defined and participants are selecting working areas.
14.30-16.00: The participants work individual or in groups
16.00-17.00: Roundtable presentations and final discussion.

A small reader will be provided online one week before the actual workshop. This reader is voluntary reading, but might be a source of inspiration before or after the workshop. Participants are welcome to bring projects which they are already working on.
Feel free to email any questions to info [at] gatepeepin [dot] org .

Linda Hilfling (Odense, Denmark, 1975) has a background in studies of filmmaking, architecture, urban planning and media design. Her interest in those fields is founded in an attention to the structures they are part of and how practice is inscribed in but also re-forming these structures. This has lead her to interventions within existing media-structures.
Works range from concepts for using ATM-machines or surveillance cameras as local-media platforms to the Misspelling Generator - a firefox extension that circumvents Google's selfcensorship and rigid information structure. She is also the co-curator and initiator of the Art of the Overhead – a media archaeological festival celebrating the overhead projector .

Linda graduated at the Danish Royal Academy of Art, School of Architecture, Copenhagen (BA Architecture) in 2003 and graduated at Piet Zwart Institute (MA Media Design) in 2008. Linda stayed as an artist-in-residence at NIMk in 2008.

Date: Saturday March 21, 10.30-17.00h
Location: Netherlands Media Art Institute, Keizersgracht 264, Amsterdam
Registration: Please register by sending an e-mail your cv and a brief description of your motivation for attending the workshop to

To ensure a place, please register before March 15. Places are limited to 15.
Cost: euro 15,- / 10,- students (incl coffee, tea and lunch)