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'One recurring theme of my research is the apparent duality within human existence, the schizophrenic coexistence of the angel and the animal. I am fascinated by the meeting between nature and culture, the ancient timeless energies and expressions of the primal in us and the sophistication, sensitivity and aesthetics of our contemporary culture.'


Susanne Ohmann, Robin Noorda (art director/animator) and Ferri Wouters (web designer) have collaborated to create a number of works based on movement sequences conceived and performed by her based on the abovementioned theme of the duality within the human psyche.

It is the source material for the present installations as well as a site created for the NPS Webd@nce project and a short film that received a nomination in the 'One Minute Award 2001' of the Sandberg institute.

HULLABALOO includes a video fragment of an encounter between Susanne and a horse named Trenta. It was filmed during a 'horse whispering' session with Johan Miessen in Limburg (initiative and filming by Hans Rozinga).

Susanne Ohmann's collaboration with theatre director, choreographer and media artist Ron Bunzl began in 1991. They have worked together on 6 productions of Bunzl's interdisciplinary dance theatre company Cloud Chamber and since 1998 have continued collaborating on video pieces. They share an interest in strong visual experiences and the human existential condition.
DEER/MORTAL was filmed on a December night somewhere in the north of Germany.

Susanne Ohmann is an Amsterdam based German dancer and performance artist who has been working in the field of dance and interdisciplinary dance theatre for more than 15 years. Throughout her career she has collaborated with a number of groups and choreographers and created solo work.

In the year 2000 she was commissioned by the Amsterdam Arts Council to develop a script for a dance film. Together with artist Alex Vermeulen she realized 'One Ride Pony' as part of the series 'Dance For The Camera' BBC/NPS. Since then she continued making works that originated from her fascination with new media and video/performance art.

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In collaboration with: Ron Bunzl, Robin Noorda and Ferri Wouters
With thanks to Kirk Wolford