SVEN en Scanner

PROGRAMMA opening:

17.00 - 18.30 uur: SVEN: Surveillance Video Entertainment Network aka 'AI to the People' van Amy Alexander, Wojciech Kosma en Vincent Rabaud.
If computer vision technology can be used to detect when you look like a terrorist, criminal, or other 'undesirable' - why not when you look like a rock star?

18.30 uur: Live performance van Scanner: Sound Polaroid 0508
Mapping the city with voices, intercepted mobile phone conversations of unsuspecting talkers are edited into a musical setting, bringing into focus issues of privacy and the dichotomy between the public and the private spectrum. The performance offers an anonymous window into reality, cutting and pasting information to structure an alternative vernacular.

My [Public] Space ging in op de vertroebeling van private en openbare informatie en ruimtes. Tentoonstelling met werken van: Hasan Elahi, Martijn Engelbregt, Kota Ezawa, Dora GarcÍa, Susan Härtig, Jill Magid, Eva en Franco Mattes aka 0100101110101101.ORG, Eduardo Navas, Guy Ben-Ner, Marisa Olson

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