door Annet Dekker

Starting point of these interviews was to try to find out if the use of the newest media developments have let to different content or perceptions in storytelling.

Quite a lot has been written about the way narrative has changed with the introduction of new media. Most of these writings deal with the formal aspects of storytelling but few deal with a changing content in storytelling. The exhibition 'My Story' stories visualized also started from a formalist standpoint and shows the various ways in which artists visualize a story: through multiple screens, spatial montage or interactive approaches. All the artists told their stories in a very personal and insistent manner, while posing questions about the definitions of reality. This subject is not new, artists have tried for centuries to either portray, deconstruct or escape from reality by means of storytelling. So in what way help the new technologies to deepen the subject, or do they?
We asked the artists themselves for their comments.