door Gaby Wijers

The Netherlands Media Art Institute encourages the free development, application, distribution of and reflection on new technologies in visual art. Since it was founded in 1978, the Institute has brought together an extensive collection of video and media art, comprising more than 1500 works, from first experiments by now famous artists from The Netherlands and abroad to recent productions by rising new talents. These works are shown in-house during screenings and form the content for the exhibitions of the Netherlands Media Art Institute. In order to acquaint a wider audience with them, the Institute distributes both video works and media installations from its collection. These are to be seen at Dutch and international festivals and events, and exhibitions in galleries, museums, media centers and other art institutions. Internally, in the media library the public - students, curators, artists, lecturers, art historians and all other parties who are interested - can call up information on the artists and their work. All works from the collection can be seen on viewing sets. In addition to the video collection the mediatheque has a large collection of books, journals, and documentation on contemporary media and art.

Content in Context - Eindrapportage door Gaby Wijers [download pdf]