send AVTransport commands to UPNP media services


AVRemote is a simple command-line tool to send UPNP commands to devices supporting the AVTransport 1 and 2 specifications. It allows to control the playback of audio/video files on media players using the commandline.

This software doesn't aims to be a comprehensive implementation of UPNP controls nor to provide advanced functions for playlist handling and such. AVRemote aims to stay minimalist, a portable software components to be used in scripts and text terminals to control the playback of various media.

AVRemote mostly consists of code written in C and optionally it can link the miniupnpc library to support autodetection of devices.

Our main goals are simplicity, speed, portability on embedded devices, small footprint and reentrancy. We are currently testing it with success on the WD HD Live media players.

Future releases will be integrated for distribution inside our Sync Starter software HDSync, still this software component is also released standalone for generic uses.


Stable releases of AVRemote are free to download from where you can find also pre-compiled binaries for x86 and MIPS targets.


New releases of this software are usually announced on its project page on Freshmeat as well on the WDLXTV homebrew firmware forum.


The source code of AVRemote is under development using the control revisioning system GIT, you can watch its repository on or clone it using the command
git clone git://


AVRemote is free software licensed under the GNU AGPL v3 license: you can use it, copy it, modify it and redistribute it and even sell it.