New York is Eating Me & The Cactus Dance

Film by: Jeroen Kooijmans
Design: goodwill
11 September 2005

The film on this DVD explores the artist's experience of watching the attacks on the Twin Towers happen from his apartment window in New York. The disaster had a profound personal impact on Kooijmans' his American dream suddenly became a nightmare. The film is a portrait of New York after 9/11. New York changed, the world changed and Kooijmans' initial plan to make a film about moustaches changed .This is a film about the identity of the city, its inhabitants and the artist. Moving backwards or forwards, identity has to be regained.

English/ Dutch
DVD box poster
film: DVD, 37 min; colour; stereo;
13,5 x 19 cm (DVD box)
ISBN 90-8546-064-6

€ 17,50 (exclusief portokosten)