Image: Route 3 in BAK Utrecht


A new version of the source (and binary build) of HDSync is out: 0.6.1 codename “Dried sunflower”.

This release includes a contribution by Michael van Rosmalen to improve stability of long term playback.

A parallel watchdog process can be configured, fixing a freezing bug that occurred randomly after running over a day.

It also enhances logging, adds the option for manual network configuration and increases the accuracy of sleep timing adjustment to micro-seconds.


As usual you can download the latest version of HDSync sourcecode as well MIPSEL binary builds (WDLXTV app.bin)

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This version of HDSync, including the recent fixes, is being useful for the New York State Museum, where it is running inside the exhibition Reflecting on September 11, 2001 (with thanks to Nicholas Lue for testing and bug hunting) and for the BAK Utrecht where it is deployed to show the installation “Route 3″ by David Kelley and Patty Chang.