August 11, 2011

Since 2010, Jaromil (Denis Roio, NIMk Research and Development) has been working on the research project DYNDY, subtitled 'Imagine the Future of Money'.

DYNDY is an effort at building a pattern language for alternative and complementary money systems, to inform and empower grassroots communities with concepts and tools to overcome scarcity, instruments and reflections for the exodus from proprietary money.

DYNDY Launch

DYNDY was launched in November 2010 at De Balie (Amsterdam, NL), during the Economies of the Commons 2 conference. Read a report of this presentation or view the slide show.

Presentation at Chaos Communication Camp 2011

On August 11, 2011, Jaromil gave a lecture entitled Imagine the Future of Money. Economic transformations, hacker culture and why we should be so lucky during the Chaos Communication Camp 2011, a large-scale hacker meeting which is organized every four years in Berlin.

Lecture information:

Lecture's recording:


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