Fidel Garcia

Formerly known with the nick name of Micro X and T10, Fidel Gracia is one of the most remarkable artist of this last generations, which works on social issues and intervention in public spaces conceptually using old and new technologies.

For Fidel, art is a platform to realize intervention in the public domain (the public spaces of a city, a school, radio or telephone networks, the society). His interventions, realized as a “simulation of the real”, are at the same time a deeply concerned research on a specific context and the deconstruction of the system, which shapes or control the context he analyzes. That’s why he talks about himself as an activist and an anthropologist: the process he follows is always based on the observation, the analysis of the context (which he maybe would more specifically call “system”) and its structures and the deconstruction of these structures through a direct intervention.

Fidel Garcia - BombaLogica


Power and control are in fact always the main target of the discourse of Fidel Garcia, which operates as a virus injected inside the systems he focuses on. During the years, this young artist infiltrated himself into the networks of radio and telephones, into communication systems, into public spaces, into educational spaces. The process was sustained by an intervention which often mixed new and old technologies, the result could be described as the alteration of the normal function of a system and, as consequence, the public demonstration of his mechanisms and faults.

Video and technologies are, in this contexts, pure tools, equipments for the demonstration of an axiom, more than instruments for the construction of an aesthetical object or process.