We Are Forests workshops

March 4 and 5

4 and 5 march

Duncan Speakman & Emilie Grenier are currently artists in residence @NiMK throughout March 2011. They are developing We Are Forests, a new mobile soundwork that explores intimacy in public spaces. This series of pop-up workshops will appeal to anyone with a sense of play, and an interest in communication

Low-fi sound-making machines
Friday March 4th 2011 : 2PM-5PM : @NIMk
Come and join us for an afternoon of experiments in communication. Through play and bricolage with cardboard, strings and voice, we will invent new devices that modify our social relationships in public spaces. Feel free to brings objects to take apart.

Phones, streets and interventions
Saturday March 5th 2011 : 2PM-5PM : @NIMk
Take it to the streets! Join us for an afternoon of playful interventions that use the world as a storyboard. We will be using mobile phones to create experiences and journeys that explore intimacy through technology in the streets of Amsterdam. You'll need to bring your own mobile phone, so please ensure that you have enough call time to play along.

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