opening event

Cloud Sounds Opening

Friday 18 February

Friday 18 February

Free entrance

5:00 pm Performance Offener Schaltkreis in the Melkweg
6:00 pm Opening Netherlands Media Art Institute with at 6:30 pm an electronic experimental audio-visual set by Funckarma & VJ Loudanov

OSK - Offener Schaltkreis (open circuit)
A sound installation by Christoph Haag, Martin Rumori, Franziska Windisch and Ludwig Zeller.
A silent labyrinth created out of open copper trails on the floor carries the electrical signals of a multichannel sound repository. By putting wireless speaker- cylinders on them, the carried sound layers can become audible and the interpretation by the visitors gets possible. The "Offener Schaltkreis" reacts depending on the manner in which the speakers are used: If nothing is moved, the sounds stay calm and soft, but as soon as a single cylinder is placed elsewhere, the sounds of all speakers intensify simultaneously. This results in a dynamic relation between silence and noise, which is influenced by the visitors.

Funckarma is the audio output of Don and Roel Funcken. From the moment they joined this world they felt the music, both in appreciation of the myriad worlds of past and present musicians and in the drive to create their own imprint. Drawing from a love of reggae, jazz, hip hop, dub and the new forms constantly evolving in the audio world they've found their own method to share in the design and evolution of this language.

From a wide range of collaborations to their prolific output - both as a team and now exploring their own solo projects - this site serves both as a hub for their entire catalog of work and a window into the future of their sound.