The occasional projects that take place in Artlab investigate the content and technological developments in communication and information. At the same time, these projects play a prominent role in the development and implementation of new technologies in the field of streaming media and open source.

 Inside Movement Knowledge
Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) was a two-year interdisciplinary research project into new methods for documentation, transmission and conservation of contemporary choreographic and dance knowledge. read more »

 GAMA Gateway to Archives of Media Art
GAMA will establish a central platform to enable multilingual, facilitated and user-orientated access to a significant number of media art archives and their digitalized content. read more »

 FreeJ vision mixer
FreeJ is a vision mixer: an instrument for realtime video manipulation used in the fields of dance teather, veejaying, medical visualisation and TV. read more »

We develop free and open source digital video syncstarter software to distribute and exhibit multi-channel video artworks requiring synced playback of multiple videos on multiple screens. read more »

The Bricolabs project was started as a development framework for generic infrastructures, in collaboration with a wide network of media labs across the world, in the context of countries as Brazil, Indonesia and of course the Netherlands. read more »

 Play Out
Play Out is a project in which diverse media art collections are made available through the NIMk. read more »

 Kompetenznetzwerk Mediengestaltung
Since early 2004 the Netherlands Media Art Institute had been participating in this multi-year Austrian project. The participants were an international network of educational and other institutions and businesses. read more »

 Playing Field
Playing Field is an international project in which artists and students do research and experiments with streaming media... read more »

 Content in Context
New technologies - distribution of video art, by Gaby Wijers read more »

 Digital rights research
In collaboration with the Virtual Platform a research project on copyright and digital culture has been initiated read more »

 Dynebolic GNU/LINUX
This software is about Digital Resistance in a babylon world which tries to control the way we communicate, we share our interests and knowledge read more »