Digitising Contemporary Art for Europeana
The European Commission and the DCA consortium, comprising 25 partners from 10 EU member states and the 2 associated countries, Croatia and Iceland, have officially launched the project Digitising Contemporary Art (DCA) initiating a significant increase in the presence ofcontemporary art in Europeana, the single access point to Europe's cultural heritage. read more »
 Preservation Media Art Collections in the Netherlands
The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), the Foundation for the Conservation of Contemporary Art (SBMK) and Virtueel Platform (VP) are joining forces to preserve video art works from Dutch public media art collections over the coming two years. read more »
 Obsolete Equipment
The preservation of playback and display equipment for audiovisual art. read more »
 To Transfer or to Transform
In the sessions To Transfer or to Transform the Netherlands Media Art Institute brings together a number of artists to talk about new versions, remakes, reconstructions and emulation of their work. read more »
 Inside Movement Knowledge
Inside Movement Knowledge (IMK) was a two-year interdisciplinary research project into new methods for documentation, transmission and conservation of contemporary choreographic and dance knowledge. read more »
 Imago Revisited
Instituut Collectie Nederland and the Netherlands Media Art Institute are working together on the re-installation of two objects from the exhibition Imago, fin de siecle in Dutch contemporary art, in the project Imago Revisited. The two works are Panta Rhei (1988) by Ricardo Fuglistahler and Mill x Molen (1982) by Bert Schutter... read more »
 Play Out
Play Out is a project in which diverse media art collections are made available through the NIMk. read more »
 Inside Installations
During a three year project (2004 - 2007) museums and other institutions in Europe have joined hands in a large-scale collaborative project to investigate the care and administration of installations work of art. read more »
 Oasis - Open Archiving System with internet sharing
The project OASIS focussed on maintaining the cultural heritage of new media art. The goal of this project was to preserve media art by developing an archiving platform which links the media art databases of several institutes and collections read more »
 404 Object Not Found. What remains of media art?
During a year long research project (August 2002 - July 2003) a number of international institutions examined the complex issues involved in the presentation, production and preservation of media art through examining specific art works. Theresults of this research were presented at a congress (July 2003, Dortmund) where further presentations and discussions were offered to a diverse international audience. read more »
 Project Preservation Video Art
Within the Project Preservation Video Art a methodology for the preservation of video art was developed, implemented and evaluated, eventually resulting in the preservation more than 1700 analog video works aged seven years or over. read more »
 Pilot Project Preservation Video Art
How to preserve video art? Is digitization a legitimate solution to this problem; what factors play a role in the preservation and digitization of video art and how should we go about it? These are only a few of the questions to which a number of museums and other institutions, under the supervision of the Netherlands Media Art Institute, MonteVideo/Time Based Arts, have tried to find an answer through the Pilot Project Preservation Video Art... read more »
 Project Capturing Unstable Media
Preservation, digitizing and capturing cultural heritage read more »