Introduction OASIS


The project OASIS focusses on maintaining the cultural heritage of new media art. The goal of this project is to preserve media art by developing an archiving platform which links the media art databases of several institutes and collections. This system should function as an interface between diverse structured databases and storing systems of the participants and as a web portal for research and information objectives. The OASIS-platform will offer information and curatorial tools for various artistic and cultural content and operations. Specific questions on storing or preserving media art will be themed and document by the different participants on the platform.

This projectsite contains a report of the symposium held by the Netherlands Media Art Institute that offered the specialists in the field of preservation, conservation and documentation the opportunity to get a state of the art overview on the conservation and documentation of media art by presenting international projects. The conference was held on February 14th 2005 and took place in the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam.

The conference was organized in the framework of the project OASIS-Open Archiving System with Internet Sharing. The OASIS project, a component of the EU's Culture 2000 program, is a joint activity of the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG), Karlsruhe, Germany, International Centre for Art and New Technology (CIANT), Praha, Czech Republic, University of Science and Technology (AGH), Krakow, Poland, Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany, Les Instants Video Numeriques et Poetiques, Marseille, France and the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Together these institutions will design a new environment for media arts content gathering, the preservation, presentation and distribution of media art, as well as for exchange of information.

Organization the Netherlands Media Art Institute
Production: Gaby Wijers
Report: Carlijn Masteling

Special thanks to: All the lecturers and participants