Open Collection

image: DIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y by Johan Grimonprez

As part of 'Yes, we're open', an artist's or viewer's favourite work from the collection will be seen on the homepage of the website and in the project space: 'pick of the week' each week. Confirmed 'pick of the week' participants are, amongst others, Marina Abramovic, Lucette ter Borg, Sacha Bronwasser, Sandra den Hamer, Heiner Holtappels, Aernout Mik and Thomas Peutz.

Week 1-10 June

Marina Abramovic
Ulay, Da Ist eine Kriminelle Berührung in der Kunst, 1985, 14'07'' .

Week 12–17 June

Aernout Mik chooses:
Arnulf Rainer: Confrontation with my Video Image, 1975, 35'46'' .

Week 19-24 June

Heiner Holtappels chooses:
Elodie Pong: After the Empire, 2008, 14'38'' .

Week 26 June – 8 July

Thomas Peutz chooses:
Gabriel Lester: The Big One, 2011, 18'43''.

Week 10-15 July

Sacha Bronwasser chooses:
Broersen & Lukács, Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, 2003, 14'40''.

Week 17-22 July

Lucette ter Borg chooses:
Johan Grimonprez, dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, 1997, 68'.

Week 24-29 July

Marina Abramovic kiest:
General Idea, Shut The Fuck Up, 1985, 14'07''.

Week 31 July – 5 August

Olof van Winden chooses:
Abramovic/Ulay, Terminal Garden, 1986, 18'45”

Week 14-19 Agust

Sandra den Hamer chooses:
Fiona Tan, Totenklage / Lacrymosa, 1993, 4'10''