'Made in Holland'
The Institute has prepared a lesson packet based on the exhibition 'Thirty Years of Dutch Video Art' for students in secondary Art and Cultural Education classes. The packet consists of a guide for teachers, and the ArTTapes 070 and 080. It deals with the subjects required in the art and culture curriculum, but more important, it affords viewing pleasure and an enjoyable way of becoming acquainted with video art. 
Cost of the lesson packet for schools: € 15, excluding postage.

Guided tours
Four exhibitions are put together per year in the gallery spaces on the first floor. These can be either group or thematic exhibitions or solo presentations, retrospectives or exhibitions put together in cooperation with other institutions. By prior arrangement, guided tours are available for all exhibitions. Each tour of about 1 hour, for a maximum of 15 persons, costs € 60.

Five ArTTapes have been produced over the years. The ArTTapes contain a compilation of video art in which Dutch and international artists present recent video work. The purpose of the ArTTapes is to familiarize a wider audience with video art. For more information, go to publications.

In the mediatheque on the ground floor the public - students, curators, artists, instructors, art historians and any other interested parties - can research information on artists and their work. All the works from the collection can be examined on viewing sets. In addition to the video collection the mediatheque holds a large collection of books, periodicals and documentation on contemporary media and art. Entrance to the mediatheque is free. By appointment group visits are also possible, which by means of a video program and tailor-made explanations in effect become guided tours of the collection. Each program is tailored to the needs of the visiting group.
Guided tours for a maximum of 15 pupils, lasting about 1 hour: € 60.

Cyclope is a collection information system of the Netherlands Media Art Institute which can be consulted on line. More than 1500 video works and several dozen installations are included in this system, the large majority of which are accompanied with descriptions, stills and 30 second fragments. Catalogue can be searched by genre, subject, key words, artist or title.

Distribution & education
In order to permit the wider public to become acquainted with media art, the Netherlands Media Art Institute maintains an active distribution policy for both video works and media installations from its collection. To create the possibility for bringing media art into schools, our distribution department invites approaches from schools. Reduced prices apply to educational institutions. 

Other activities
Throughout the year the Netherlands Media Art Institute organizes various activities for secondary schools. Once a year there is an educational program developed for the pupils in secondary school in Amsterdam. Workshops are given, such as the VJ workshop, Circuit Bending workshop, Portabel Pixels and Worn Out Sounds workshop, Electronic Jewellery workshop and Online Radio workshop. Preparation is underway on a travelling educational exhibition, successor to 'Exposed!',  'Art with a plug' and 'Emotion'. A touring media art exhibition for schools, will be travelling around the Netherlands.