Guided tours
Four exhibitions are put together per year in the gallery spaces on the first floor. These can be either group or thematic exhibitions or solo presentations, retrospectives or exhibitions put together in cooperation with other institutions. By prior arrangement, guided tours are available for all exhibitions. These can be specifically tailored to the needs of the group. Each tour of about 1 hour, for a maximum of 15 persons, costs € 60.

In the mediatheque on the ground floor the public - students, curators, artists, instructors, art historians and any other interested parties - can research information on artists and their work. All the works from the collection can be examined on viewing sets. In addition to the video collection the mediatheque holds a large collection of books, periodicals and documentation on contemporary media and art. Group visits are also possible by appointment, which by means of a video program and tailor-made explanations in effect become guided tours of the collection. Each program is tailored to the needs of the visiting group.
Access to the mediatheque (Mon./Fri., 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.), free
Guided tours for a maximum of 15 persons, lasting about 1 hour: € 60.


At irregular intervals the Netherlands Media Art Institute organizes workshops for artists and specialists. These workshops are collaborations between Artlab and the Education Department. For more information, go to Workshops.

Work-study placements

Occasionally there are work-study placements available in various departments of the Netherlands Media Art Institute. These are particularly placements with Artlab, the mediatheque and in the Presentation Department and in PR/Communications.

René Coelho Award

Each year Dutch art academies nominate the work of graduating students for the René Coelho Award. The prize is named after René Coelho, the founder and former director of the Netherlands Media Art Institute, and consists of a cash sum and provision of production facilities for the creation of a new work. Within a year of the prize being awarded the graduation work on which it was based and the new work are presented through an exhibition or film program in the gallery of the Netherlands Media Art Institute. For more information, go to René Coelho Award. More information