Record Memorandum - Auto Awac 1981
Release van Auto AWAC DVD/CD

Nieuwe CD/DVD uitgave van het roemruchte collectief Auto Awac.

AND CALL IT AUTO AWAC by Mike Waite, watching Auto Awac in 2007:


And make it trash aesthetic: do it yourself
And there must be images of society in crisis
And get together: Kees and Ron and Emile.
And lean into the screen, and move through the corn, and don’t sing: it is already too late for that, you know - 25 years ago!
And make washing machines as in a Laundromat into the stars of the show: tape them, record
And spread the word: a signal which is intended to go out and be reflected back must be strong enough to cover twice the distance between the sender and the target
And assert musical improvisation: these must be instruments blown and sung for the first time
And appropriate popular culture: grab images from the half watched TVs of Enschede, bland town of factories that it is
And get the calm voice of the radio announcer too, that bastard: he is preparing our consciousness for war, or for boredom, or both
And be there, in at the beginning of post-modern scepticism about ‘science’ and ‘technology’, perhaps it was even without realising it
And the girl must fold her arms, in that sullen sexy way: the door, the hair, the stairs, the hair
And carry out airborne surveillance, detecting aircraft from up to 400 km away, well out of range of most surface to air missiles, except the SA-5
And what’s wrong with punk?
And lick the proud achievements of our affluent Western economic society, with a grinning lick, and a lick, lick, lick
And whatever they say about ‘high speed’, ‘digital', and ’efficiency’, remember this: the robot is your enemy, their industrial pretensions are to be disrupted by your leather jackets and industrial noise music
And you were angry young men: get more dangerous as you get older!


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