23:00-02:00 CET

Monthly interactive crossmedia talkshow (http://hoeksteen.live.nu/). Back after a few month break with the usual suspects and surprise guests from the worlds of politics, arts, business and more! Live from The Netherlands Media Art Institute Amsterdam. Live on A2 TV (Amsterdam cable) (http://www.salto.nl/tv/televisie_A2.asp?uitzDag=2008-5-31&Weekdag=Zaterdag), and internet livestreams. (http://hoeksteen.wordpress.com/2008/05/27/live-streams/)

Also broadcasted live inworld Second Life (http://secondlife.com/)

Skype / iChat Video conferencing: performances, reports, interviews recitals, etc.

HorizoTV Festival Barcelona with Clara Gari & Antonia Folguera

Permanent Video Feed John Hopkins Berlin

Joachim Stein for Second Life New Berlin

'Medellin Special' dances performances with displaced children, presentation of Hiperbarrio (barrio = neighborhood)

Performances by Hans Breder Andrew Meixer Dance Department Iowa University.

Communications technology update by Steven Hawley Eidtor iPTV Magazine Seattle

U.S. Presidential elections Willem Lust Life from New York

Second Life:
MauzZ Amsterdam Joachim Stein & New Berlin in Berlin

Eric Bartelsman Dean Economics Vu, annotated www searchs, market analysis (oil food prices)
Eske van Egerschoot

Politics: NL
Harry van Bommel (SP) TK
Jasper van Dijck (SP) TK
Manon v. d. Garde (PvdA) Amsterdam
John Goring (VVD)
Ton Hooymaijers (VVD) NH
Ewout Irrgang (SP) TK
Ivar Manuel (D66) Amsterdam
Maarten v. d. Meer (Groen Links) Amsterdam
Bart Robbers (D66) party Vice Chairman D66
Jerry Straup (PvdA) Amsterdam
Ruben Vis (VVD) NH
Arjan de Wolf (D66)