Organised by Vivo ARTE.MOV & NIMk (Netherlands Media Arts Institute)


Vivo ARTE.MOV and NIMk are excited to launch a collaborative residency to develop an art project or workshop programme for mobile lab and presentation platforms. The residence is for two people: a curator or artist living or residing in Brazil, and a curator or artist living in the Netherlands. The total residence period will be 2 months, divided between Amsterdam and São Paulo.

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In August 2011, NIMk started touring its Media Art Mobile (MKM) and would like to further develop its programme. Vivo ARTE.MOV is currently developing its mobile media art lab, and is searching for input for the development of a platform to extend the current actions of its programme. In addition to the technical infrastructure of the media art mobiles, the art project/workshop programme can also draw on the organisations’ rich video and media arts collections.

The collaboration aims to investigate a mobile platform in all its various contexts. Because of their nomadic character and appearance, mobile media labs/platforms can help to create temporary environments for curiosity and openness, and enable a crossing of diverse cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Mediation plays a crucial role in the interaction between such an approach and its audience.

We are looking for art projects or workshop programmes that involve local communities in innovative, meaningful and exciting ways. Moreover, the proposals should question how temporary interventions facilitated by media labs could generate meaning within a specific context for local groups, and/or a more ad hoc audience. In other words, what components do these interventions (workshop or art project) need to address the interests and needs of the audience, and how can their impact last beyond the very limited time period of the intervention itself?

The art project or workshop programme should be directed towards one or more target groups in the following contexts:
1. Popular culture and media arts festivals, (such as DEAF2012 in Rotterdam & Vivo ARTE.MOV Festival in São Paulo);
2. Higher education institutions, schools and vocational organisations (students between 15 and 17 years of age);
3. Health care institutions.

Deadline for submissions: 14 November 2011
Final decision: 1 December 2011
Duration / timing of residency: 2 months in the period February to April 2012

The residency is organised by Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk), Amsterdam & Arte.mov, Brasil (more details below).

The residency is aimed at developing a workshop programme or art project with a strong participatory component for the organisations’ mobile media art labs. The conceptual framework should be centred on the critical inquiry of a mobile platform in mediated contexts, as outlined above.

The Brazilian and the Dutch curator/artist will spend a month in each city, starting in Amsterdam in February/March and moving on to São Paulo in March/April. Although the residents do not need to develop a common project, we do want to encourage a continuous dialogue during their research and development process, and they would work in the same cities at the same time.
The organisations will provide targeted support (in the form of resources, space, technical support, local context and time) relevant to each stage of the project development. Depending on the nature of the selected curatorial/artistic project, additional partners will be sought in Brazil and the Netherlands who can provide additional think- and/or workspaces during the residency and who will optimise the process and results.

The residency will also offer the opportunity to explore the potential for collaboration and exchange with creative peers across the organisations, and share knowledge as widely as possible through a structured programme including:
- Regularly scheduled conceptual and technical critiques;
- Online documentation of the project process;
- Research dissemination through a range of social media;
- Scheduled events for discussion with both peers and public;
- Facilitated meetings with other cultural and media arts organisations.

At the end of the programme, the curator/artist in residence will be expected to present and demonstrate the results of their project and produce a research report that considers process, findings and value. The creative process and production phase should be documented by the curator/artist in a blog. This will be published online with an evaluation report and disseminated through the wider networks of the organisations involved.

We offer:

- A 1-month residency period at each of the organisations. Specific dates at each location will be determined in consultation with the selected curator/artist.
- A modest artist/curator fee of €2000.
- A maximum production budget of €1500, depending on the nature of the project.
- Technical infrastructure within the media art mobiles. (Dutch Media Art Mobile: Soundsystem (4 active speakers - Sound Projects X-act) / 2 projectors PANASONIC PT D7700 / 1 projector PANASONIC PT D5600 / 2 curved screens (16:10) / 4 workstations screen (16:10) MAC mini / 1 server with 200 selected (video)works from NIMk collection, WIFI internet connection / 8 laptops for workshops / 4 video cameras / integrated led lights in roof MKM, DMX controlled / optional green screen. Equipment still tbc for the Brazilian Media Art Mobile).
- Travel and accommodation support.
- Public presentation of the project/workshop programme at each of the partner organisations.
- Dissemination of the results.

Proposals are welcome from professional artists/curators who have Brazilian or Dutch nationality, or who work and reside in the Netherlands or Brazil.
The concept should relate to the mobile media lab and presentation platforms as outlined above.
The work should be created using free/open source software.

The curator/artist must:
- Be willing and able to travel to São Paulo and Amsterdam for residency periods with dedicated research time at each organisation (exact dates will be decided upon in consultation with the artist).
- Speak English. Knowledge of Portuguese or Dutch is beneficial but not a requirement.
- Have an open, rigorous, experimental approach and be keen to work in collaborative settings with people from different disciplines.
- Be willing to openly and thoroughly document the artistic process online.
- Participate in events, critiques and discussions.
- Be willing to contribute to the lab communities.
- Produce a work or concept, which is exhibited, tested and investigated as it is developed.
- Present and/or demonstrate a final programme or work concept.
- Complete an illustrated research report, documenting the process, describing findings and considering value.

To apply please provide:
1. Motivation for why you would like to work in the context of this particular residency as well as an overview of your interest in the transnational media mobile residency as outlined above (no longer than 1 A4 page).
2. An outline of the project, including:
- a description of the concept underlying the work that you wish to develop (300 words max.)
- a general outline of the scope of the final work (please include visual sketches)
- an outline of the research and development plan for the work (no longer than 1 A4 page)
- a technical description (if applicable)
- a draft budget proposal.
3. An up-to-date CV.
4. Portfolio, including links to previous works.


About the organisers:

Netherlands Media Art Institute (Amsterdam, NL)
The Artist in Residence (AiR) programme at the Netherlands Media Art Institute supports the exploration and development of new work in digital/interactive/network media and technology-based arts practice. The residency provides time and resources to artists in a supportive environment to facilitate the creation of new works that are produced from an open source perspective. We encourage a cross-disciplinary and experimental approach. This is a practice-based residency designed to enable the development and completion of a new work. The Netherlands Media Art Institute offers an open environment with technical assistance and an active advisory board, which will provide feedback and support on technical, conceptual and presentation issues. There is access to studio and exhibition equipment, technical support from the Institute's staff, and production assistance from interns. We expect the artist to have knowledge about and insights into the technical realisation of the concept (if required).

More information on the Media Arts Mobile (MKM), can be found online:

Vivo ARTE.MOV (Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, BRZ)
Vivo ARTE.MOV is a platform dedicated to the production of and critical thinking about the ‘culture of mobility’. By prioritising the conscious use of mobile media, the organisation intends to create ways of sharing knowledge and expertise. Its cultural programme focuses on access to information and new artistic practices, exploring the creative possibilities in the field of mobile and locative media and its insertion in social and public spaces. In addition, the programme aims to promote research about the changes in contemporary society, resulting from the spread of mobile technologies and digital culture. The organisation offers workshops, debates and art residencies, as well as an international art festival on mobile media.


Annette Wolfsberger / Annet Dekker (NL): http://aaaan.net
Gisela Domschke (BRZ): http://www.giselad.com
Lucas Bambozzi / Rodrigo Minelli (BR) (artemov staff) - www.artemov.net

If you have any further queries about this call, please contact call@nimk.nl

This project is supported by the Fonds BKVB (Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture) Amsterdam, as part of the Central de Cultura Program and the Lei de Incentivo à Cultura do Ministério da Cultura, Governo do Brasil.