Valentina Sanna

nick @ 6:24 am

Valentina Sanna is in her last year at the Iuav University in online cialis Venice where she is studying Fashion Design at claDEM, where research, design, tailoring and the dedication of the craftsman together with a strong inclination towards experimentation are considered a vocation. She finds constant inspiration in her imagination of the grotesque which in the past led her to create a fanzine and performance videos for groups from the cutting edge of the Italian music scene. For Valentina Sanna, what is not said, the anomaly, human fear and sadness all provide her with discredited material from which to produce tragic and theatrical images.
In 2009 she created costumes for the inauguration parade for the 52nd Biennale di Venezia under the guidance of Arto Lindsay and did an internship at the studio and creative laboratory of Antonio Marras in Alghero (Sassari). These experiences served to feed her lifelong dedication to the art world which she continues to pursue today with her exploration into diverse, radical ways of extending the clothing code.

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