Claudio Buziol Foundation

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Fondazione Claudio Buziol

In the footsteps of the professional and personal path of Mr. Claudio Buziol, founder of the Fashion Box – Replay group, whose business activities always stood out for their particular attention to charitable aid, the “Fondazione Claudio Buziol” was established in 2006 to pursue his projects in the areas of social welfare and healthcare, education and training.

The Foundation’s main aims are at a glance expressed through the project’s name, “Fast Forward”, a name that, playing with the same technical terminology which is behind the name “Replay”, indicates a particular attention towards the future/present, towards youth creativity.

More specifically, the Foundation – either giving direct support or through collaborations with other institutions – supports initiatives and projects that assist young people in their education and training in order to help them develop their creative abilities and artistic expression in any forms these may take, helping them to find a solid opportunity to bring a professional dream or life project to fruition.

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