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After having worked for several years as a “Technician for the Arts”, first freelance in Eindhoven and Berlin, and later at the V2_Lab in Rotterdam, Stock decided to start his own company in 2009.

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Working with diverse international artists on the technical realisation of their projects, Stock designs and builds physical interfaces, sensor systems and embedded systems, among other things. An important aspect of his work is the ability to communicate with artists who have little or no technical background, and to translate their concepts and ideas into technical terms, and co-develop a system for each project that can be built, tested and documented.

At present, Stock is also working as a tutor at the Piet Zwart Institute, in Rotterdam, teaching electronics, physical interface design and embedded computing to the Master students in the Media Design course.

For “Sensitive to Pleasure” Stock has work on the Electric Field Sensors (based on a design by Kees Reedijk and J├Ârgen Brinkman), the Infrared Proximity Sensors and the Electric Stimulation Interface.

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