Artists Biographies & First Project Proposals

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Sander Veenhof

Sander Veenhof was born in The Netherlands in 1973. He studied computer science in the University of Amsterdam and in 2009 he graduated at the Rietveld Academy in the instable media department.Nowadays, based in Amsterdam, he works as a digital media artist. His works in augmented reality explores the possibilities of interaction through mobile devices, such as smart phones, of virtual and non-virtual realities.He has “installed” these possibilities of enlarging reality in places such as the Moma, in New York (2010) with the guerilla project “Augmented Reality Art Invasion”. He also intervened at the Venice Biennial with the “Battling Pavilions”(2011), and at the Rotterdam Film Festival, with the project “Meet your Stranger” (2012).


Project Proposal

The first intention for this residency period was to continue developing the experience he had in the previous years using the applications Layar and Junaio for augmented reality with the project “the city talks”, in which the public would follow a story through the streets and choose paths that would also change the direction of the story.


VJ Pixel

VJ Pixel, Ângelo Moscozo Silveira, was born in Brazil in 1982. Nowadays, based in São Paulo, Pixel is the Director of the memelab – laboratory of interactive technologies, which is a space for the development of technological creations, giving consultancies for different clients, working in events and developing artistic projects. Example of one of their projects is the installation “photolink”, which consists of a projection of aprox. 100 x 3 meters that throughout the event “sesc na viarada”, displayed for 12 hours images that the public contributed by downloading their photos via USB, Bluetooth or memory cards in a totem. Afterwards, these images were selected and projected in the façade of the Sesc Belenzinho building.


Project Proposal

Pixel’s proposal for the residency is the project called “Jandig” in which a public call is open to people to send images. This images, photographs and 3D images are collected and gathered in a software. Then, artists are invited to create markers as stickers, stamps or prints, which would be displayed through the city. The result of this would be an AR exhibition based on what was sent by the public. At the present moment the software is already being implemented but still needs to be finished.

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