Preparation… day by day …


The documentation of this project will be shared through this blog.

It is interesting to point it out that an artistic residency doesn’t start when the artists travel, but the whole process and time spent before the residency actually happens since the idealization of the project and the basic structure of it.

At this point, the artists that will participate were already chosen: Sander Veenhof, from The Netherlands and VJ Pixel, from Brazil. As a typical way of dealing with the distance between two far away countries, the first meeting we had was through Skype. It was the first time that both artists actually “met” each other to talk about their individual projects in augmented reality, and the possibility of combining both projects.

Of course the meeting was a bit confusing with different people talking at the same time, breaking the call from time to time. But after this, a date for the residency was set and we all could continue with our individual tasks.

Pixel will come to the Netherlands in March. Then, both of them will continue to work apart and after a period, Sander will go to Brazil.

At this moment, the tickets are being bought and their living and working spaces are being defined.


After Skyping with Sanders, asking a few questions about his project and his expectations I felt the need of researching more about augmented reality. The perspective of the artist is so inspiring when explaining that there is a reality that continues to exist even when we are not actually seeing it.

The significance of this residency is shown when he stated that after talking with pixel he had to rethink his first project proposal. This is a great achievement for an artistic residency since he had a previous perspective that was changed when sharing experience with the other artist. Pixel explained him the specificity of the context in Brazil when it comes to accessibility to internet on smart phones.


Today I tried to reach Pixel through Skype to know more about his expectations on the residency project, but the Skype connection wasn’t good, so we have to re-schedule the meeting.


At this point the artists are reading the contracts and many e-mails were exchanged until all organizers approved the final version of the text.

The tickets were already bought for Pixel to come to The Netherlands in the end of this month.

I am waiting to contact Pixel for our first interview and see what are his expectations and plans for coming to Amsterdam. Annet already found an apartment for his stay and the ticket is already set: 28/02/2012.


The interview with Pixel was done 3 days ago. I lost the recording material. It was important for me to talk to him, because I had understood the Jandig project proposal wrongly. Was also important to understand their different perspectives. Both of them are very concerned with the participation of the public, but in different ways. Sander seams to be concern how the public can use the device and Pixel seams to be concerned with the participation of the public in all the stages of the process. Pixel also seamed very anxious to come to the Netherlands, and in the end of the interview we spent some time talking about his travel, the weather here and what he should bring in the suitcase.


We are still facing some difficulties to create the blog.

I am preparing texts that should be published soon… I hope!

I also worked on the interviews for the artists and sent the text for their approval.

Annet had a meeting with the staff from the Nimk to see where the artists can work and some practical matters. Pixel will arrive next week already.



We have a blog!

Pixel will arrive in Amsterdam tomorrow. It seams not so far away when we all first met through skype. Now is important also to have the artists documentation of the process and I am anxious to know their developments through their own perspectives.

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