A new version of HDSync is out: 1.0 codename “Ambarella”. This release can synchronise the playback of multiple channels, virtually unlimited, so far the known record is set to 37.

Read here more about the syncstarter: http://syncstarter.org/2012/hdsync-ambarella/

This release consists of a full rewrite of HDSync in C language, eliminating most of the shell scripted interaction and condensing operations into a single process.

The result of this rewrite is more stability (the 4 hours freeze is now solved!), visibly lower latency of operations, more control over network handshake and synchronization – plus we’ve made the HDSync software easy to port on more platforms.

Empirical tests show way better synchronization (close to frame precision) and very low margin of error in re-syncing after loops (still some de-sync occurs from time to time when using short clips). Please note that now it is necessary to add 5 seconds of black infront of the synced videos, in order to avoid an irregular blink at the start of every loop.

HDSyn can synchronise the playback of multiple channels, virtually unlimited.

The record so far is set to 37 channels by the Ambarella Video Wall that also gives the name to this release: