Say Hello to hARTware

In 1996 curators Hans D. Christ and Iris Dressler founded Hartware Medien Kunstverein in Dortmund. Hartware is an open platform occupying itself with the production, presentation and the discourses of contemporary art – especially of media art.

Hartware is interested in strategies of contemporary art, which reflect the contradictions of social, political and/or cultural discourses. The intersections between media art and 'other' forms of contemporary art production are playing an essential role in this context.

Their productions and presentations are characterised by a thorough exploration of time and space. They will go to the utmost to create the ideal situation for a specific work.

On Tuesday April 9, 20.30 Iris Dressler, Hans Christ and Jan Schuijren will explain their aims, motives and their specific way of showing media art. Questions that will be answered are f.e.:
What is the role of curators while presenting media art?
How far can a curator go; is there a danger of leading the viewer too much?