Van 01-07-2005 t/m 02-07-2005

Digital Heritage: Symposium
Location: Kunstsammlung NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany

The interfacing of the various competencies of archives, academics, museums, artists and industry is necessary in order to promote the development and communication of methods and practical models not only for the preservation, but also for the restoration of videotapes, since up to now, in the area of electronic media no standards have been developed to evaluate either electronic-image hardware or software from a restorative point of view. As a first milestone of the project, this public symposium will present exemplary research, initiatives and projects, and analyze and put forward for discussion their significance for the construction of history and aesthetic perception as well as for museal and artistic practice. An initiative by the Federal Cultural Foundation in Germany, realised by the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe and K21/Kunstsammlung NRW in cooperation with Kunsthalle Bremen, Lenbachhaus Munich, Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig and the Goethe-Institute. The conference will offer simultaneous translation and free admission. A full timetable with topics and speakers will be published later in May.

Participation Netherlands Media Art Institute

Bart Rutten will give a lecture about the works 'Incision' and 'Freeing the Voice' by Marina Abramovic and Ulay documented as contemporary art works. The lecture will be based on visual material and a chronological anthology of the different appearances of at least two performance pieces by Abramovic/Ulay: different recordings, text, photo, film and video, different transfers (NTSC vs PAL) are collected from our own archive as well as Marina Abramovic’s and Ulay’s private archive and the archive of the former performance centre De Appel.

Gaby Wijers will moderate a session on Preservation aspects and –case studies.