July 8

start 20.30
location: Brakke Grond, rode zaal
admission: 5 euro (students 2,50)

The Netherlands Media Art Institute presents in collaboration with the art collective VVORK: 'Variety' a contemporary variety show, composed of daring and experimental translations of original artworks. 'Variety' is inspired by how culture of all kinds —sound, moving image, graphics— cycles easily between states and forms. For this one-night event, local performers will stage works by the artists Wojciech Kosma, Vladimir Nikolic, Tao Lin, Kristin Lucas, Adrian Piper, Pierre Bismuth, and Claire Fontaine. Containing readings, video, dance, and music performances, 'Variety' presents the acts together in a dramaturgy that can be understood as a single performance, allowing for new interpretations of each piece. When finished, the evening will be carried on as a single score, with instructions for how it can be repeated at different venues in the future.

VVORK is a website and curatorial project by the artists Aleksandra Domanovic, Oliver Laric, Georg Schnitzer, and Christoph Priglinger.

With thanks to the Amsterdam Fund for the Art