Backstage Keren Cytter

May 21

May 21

beginning 8:30 p.m.
doors open 8:00 p.m.

During BACKSTAGE the public is given a chance to look behind the scenes with an artist. On May 21 BACKSTAGE is devoted to Keren Cytter (Israel, b. 1977).
Moderator of the event is Maaike Gouwenberg.

Keren Cytter's recent video, Four Seasons, is presently being screened in the exhibition 'Witty, lo-fi works with knotty thoughts'. This – and the fact that the Media Arts Institute distributes a number of other works by Keren Cytter – provides the opportunity to have the artist offer insight in her practice during a BACKSTAGE evening. Cytter will show a number of items which have been sources of inspiration, and with them tell about the things which fascinate her and the influences that these sources of inspiration have on her work. The artist will also present her latest work, The Coat, and talk about its background. The exhibition 'Witty
lo-fi works with knotty thoughts' will be open during this evening, and can still be visited through July 24.

In her work Keren Cytter (Israel, b. 1977) defies the conventions of genres and language. Much of Cytter's work deals with human relationships. Inspired by her own life and that of her friends, the videos tell about love, desire, loss, problems and lack of understanding. The works deconstruct conventional narrative form by their use of an over-poetic, non-realistic and incoherent language in which there is considerable repetition. Cytter uses this to emphasize the artificiality of filmmaking, so that language functions as a source of misunderstanding in relationships. In addition to language the artist uses lo-fi elements such as 'homemade aesthetic', lo-fi Hollywood glamor, lo-fi special effects and wobbly camera work.

Entrance 3,50 (students 2,50)
Please make reservations