To Transfer or to Transform Intro

image: Panta Rhei by Ricardo Füglistahler

2007 - 2011

Artists investigate and play with changing manifestations. In doing so, particularly media artists have to deal with changing technologies as a part of their everyday practice. In the session To Transfer or to Transform the Netherlands Media Art Institute brings together a number of artists to talk about new versions, remakes, reconstructions and emulation of their work. Over the coming two years the Netherlands Media Art Institute is going to be investigating and discussion this theme further. The approach during the series will be the future presentation and conservation of the work, with emphasis on the art historical and material-technical aspects, and on the variations in existing versions. Among the recurrent questions to be dealt with:

- What do you think the advantages and disadvantages are of reconstruction, configuration and emulation as strategies for conservation and presentation?

- How do you assess the success of activities of this sort, and what criteria do you use to evaluate the results?

- What is lost for the visitor and the historic context?

- How can you compensate for this loss, for instance by means of documentation and/or interviews?