To Transfer or to Transform #1

18 December 2007


First meeting, with Fransje Jepkes, Bill Spinhoven and Nol de Koning

Fransje Jepkes recently brought out her video installation POEM # SEC (1991) on DVD. During the session she will discuss the differences between the two versions and present the new version. In the move to DVD, the interactions among location, image and sound once again define the form of the installation.

3 stills from on DVD video installation POEM # SEC

Bill Spinhoven
recently concluded that his installation Untitled 5# was no longer presentable in its original form because of its out-dated technology. He will explain the background for this decision and discuss his experiences in the Inside Installations project, in which he participated.

Bill Spinhoven/ Iinstallation Untitled 5#

Nol de Koning
uses various forms of presentation alongside one another for his installations, depending on the potential for presentation; multiple channels, multiple projections and configurations. He will discuss the pros and cons of remixing with regard to form and content, with regard to the original installations.

Vulcano Eolico (Koning, Nol de) online database