Space Invaders tour collection

28 August - November 6

NIMk's new exhibition, Space Invaders, reveals the influence of games on art and society. The exhibition explores how physical reality and (computer) games increasingly influence each other: the physical world migrates into gaming systems, and gaming elements find their way into physical space.

This is typical for the early 21st Century, when computer games become more and more popular and realistic, and have an increasing impact on real life. However, these contemporary phenomena can be traced back to earlier developments and tendencies in society and art, showcased in this online guided tour through NIMk's collection.

See the tour here:

With works by Ulises Carrión, Arno Coenen, Giny Vos, Jan van Nuenen, MediaShed, Mobile Image, Jeffrey Shaw, Martijn Veldhoen and Robbie Cornelissen.