Museum night 2010

November 6

Old Skool, New Games
19.00 – 02.00 hrs

During Museum Night 2010, November 6, the Netherlands Media Art Institute presents a night filled with games, workshops, performances, DJ's and VJ's. This night revolves around the 'Space Invaders: Art in the Computer Game Environment' exhibition. The Museum Night is an exciting finale of the Space Invaders exhibition, which opened august 27th.

In 'Space Invaders: Art in the Computer Game Environment' the Media Art Institute brings art and games culture together. In an artistic, playful yet serious manner, 'Space Invaders' reveals the influence of games on art and society. With Jeremy Bailey, Aram Bartholl, Mark Essen, Cao Fei, Anita Fontaine, Riley Harmon, JODI, Michael Johansson, Ben Jones, Yuichiro Katsumoto, Walter Langelaar, Ludic Society, Julian Oliver,

If you want to enjoy a night filled with performances, games, workshops and a lot more, feel free to join us and come and play....!


19:00 – 02:00 artistic games by o.a. Fijuu by Julian Oliver, Deep Sea by Robin Arnott, Destroy the Web by Jose Enrique Bolaños
Fijuu2 by Julian Olivier is a 3 dimensional, audiovisual installation. Using a Playstation2 like gamepad, players can 'sculpt' 6 unique 3D instruments in order to create improvised soundtracks. By playing with these tools, you manipulate the soundsignal. It is possible to record fragments of this process on a 3D track, which is represented as a spinning ring on the screen. By layering the recorded fragments and changing their amplitude and rotational speed, rich sound compositions can be created. While other 'visualiser plugins' feed sound into a system and translate them into graphics which can be analysed, Fijuu2 moves beyond this approach and allows the player to manipulate the images and sound using and with that create improvised soundtracks.
Deep Sea by Robin Arnold is a game about being vulnerable. In this audio-only game, players don a mask that obscures their vision and takes over their hearing, plunging them into a world of blackness occupied only by the sound of their own breathing and the rumbles made by unseen terrors.

Survival means the careful tracking of a liquid constellation of alien sounds, requiring the player to focus intently to the point of suppressing their own breathing, further reinforcing the sensation of claustrophic isolation. The player fires their weapon and hopes to hear the creature cry out in pain, but more often than not the sound they hear is their shot disappearing uselessly into the void.

The sense of being surrounded by invisible dangers is reinforced by the reality of playing the game in a public space, with the player knowing that all around are people they can neither hear nor see. At the same time spectators can watch the gyrations of the player's body and hear their voice but have no access to the world the player is experiencing, and so remain helpless to rescue the player from their watery fate.

deep Sea by Robin Arnold

Destroy the Web by Jose Enrique Bolañosis all about one thing: destruction! Turn any webpage into a shoot-em up video game. With a pulse pounding soundtrack and high scores for every web page, Destroy the Web is a fun way to take a little break during the day.

Destroy the Web is a game add-on for Firefox, built specifically to take advantage of the new features introduced in Firefox 3.5. A first of its kind, the goal in the game is to destroy each and every Web page, competing for the high score against players around the world!

Not satisfied with current games available for Firefox, Jose Enrique Bolaños, the developer of the game, wanted to create a game in such a way that it was well integrated with the actual browsing experience. Unlike the rest of those games, Destroy the Web is played against any page in the Web, causing unpredictable outcomes every time.In 2009 Destroy the Web was awarded the prize for Best game & entertainment add-on in the Extent Firefox 3.5 contest.

19:30 – 20:30 Workshop Urban Forensic Walk
Urban Forensic Walk is a workshop in the shape of a situationist walk developed by Walter Langelaar in collaboration with Katelyn Brand.,
For participating in this workshop you need to apply by sending an email to Anouk Laverge

19:00 – 02:00 NIMks mediatheque is open with a special program with videoworks from the collection and some artistic games.

19:00 – 02:00 Mixed reality Pong
by Captain Video
With 'Mixed reality Pong' Captain video intervenes in the popular, classic computer game Pong. In this version the virtual game gets a physical component. Instead of lazily using your game pad or joystick, you'll have to spring into action, because here YOU act as the bat. By running backwards and forwards, you can return the small square on the screen to you opponent. Captain video has in short created an enjoyably confusing and exhausting alternative to the originally static Pong. So...Run!

'Mixed reality Pong' was conceptualized and developed by Captain Video. The version exhibited at Museumn8 was created by Rob Haarsma, Kees Veling and Sieger Duinkerken. Central to all Captain Video artworks is the continuous search for new manners in which to visualise (image)stories.

Captain Video is a concept, design and production studio for the moving image in Amsterdam. Having started in 1994 as a group of video-jockeys in clubs, Captain Video developed itself and now specializes in the fields of motion graphic design, montage, directing and software development. Our activities include television design, interactive design, shooting films for museums and providing visuals for dance and theatre productions.

19:00 – 02:00 Last change to visit the Space Invaders exhibition

21:00 – 21:45 performance by Covox.

Melodic high-energy romantic gameboy pop - influenced by the synth heroes of yesterday Covox brings this electronic love to the present.


22:00 – 23:00 and from 00:30 – 02:00
DJ Bushdoof

23:00 – 00:30

Sensiriti Sound w/ MC

22:00 – 02:00

Visuals by Maximum Rim (Australia), Yoshi Sodeoka (JP/VS) e.a.

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