Michiel Kluiters designs MediaArtMobile

The Netherlands Media Art Institute (NIMk) has awarded Michiel Kluiters the contract to design the media art mobile with which the NIMk will travel to schools, festivals and other venues as of June, 2011, with a diverse program of workshops, media art installations and videos.

For the design of the media art mobile the NIMk collaborated with Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte (SKOR, Foundation for art and public space), which has built up considerable experience with commissions for artists and designers. Early in 2009 the NIMk, in cooperation with SKOR, issued a design assignment to several artists and designers: Kevin van Braak, Michiel Kluiters, Maurer United and Peter Stel/Peter van der Jagt. In addition Tillmann Meyer-Faje, Andre Kodde and Lucia Luptáková, on behalf of the Sandberg Institute, and a group of students (Elena Chochanova, Bart Hellings, Danny van Kessel, Maarten Klont, Guido le Pair, Roel Pluijmen, Ruud Scheerens and Bram Stoeldraijer) from the Technical University Eindhoven under the guidance of Arno Pronk were also asked to prepare design proposals.

From the proposals, which were all shown at the NIMk from 8 – 23 May, on May 8 three designs were selected as a short list: those by Peter Stel/Peter van der Jagt, Michiel Kluiters and Lucia Luptáková. These designers were given the opportunity to further elaborate their proposals. After discussions the jury, comprised of Tom van Gestel (SKOR), Maike van Stiphout, Marieke Istha (NIMk), Annette Mullink (NIMk) and Heiner Holtappels (NIMk) on July 9 chose the design by Michiel Kluiters for realization.

The look and feel of the three proposals was judged to be equally strong. It was therefore chiefly pragmatic criteria that played a decisive role in the ultimate choice: construction time, manpower needed, feasibility and costs for realization and maintenance. According to the unanimous decision of the jury, the design by Michiel Kluiters was most successful in meeting these criteria, and his design was chosen for realization.


How people experience their surroundings and give meaning to them is central in the work of Michiel Kluiters (b. Amsterdam, 1971). In his site-specific installations he makes use of various media: photography, video and architectonic constructions. He manipulates existing space in ways that what is reality and what is illusion becomes ambiguous.
Among his recent projects have been de streep, for the Fire Brigade, Enschede, 2009; Volume, Vol II, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (D), 2008; À l'extérieur. Rites de Passage, Marres, Maastricht, in collaboration with André van Bergen, 2008; LOC foto, LOC Building, Hardenberg, 2008; Mesh, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, Amsterdam, 2005; Common Ground, BAK, Utrecht, 2001. http://www.michielkluiters.com/